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Free Plan

Free Forever

Upload of information limited to 5GB (excluding specification-conforming device description files) is free of charge

Download through the web portal is free of charge

App Plan

1 - 99,999 Requests / Year*

0.001€ / Request

Pay for automated access by your product through the API of the Device Information Portal per access

You pay 3.000,- € per year max.

*launching Q1 2018

User Plan

1 - 99 Users*

1€ / User*

Pay for automated access by your product through the API of the Device Information Portal per registered user

You pay 3.000,- € per year max.

*launching Q1 2018


Collection point of device description files of all content providers on the same portal

Combining all relevant information on industrial field devices on a platform

Free download of all stored information due to full-text search for device information

Capacities regarding storage space, data throughput and range can be adapted to the intensity of the usage

Automated data maintenance by the content provider

Based on latest web technologies


At which target group is the Device Information Portal addressed?

The portal does not favor specific manufacturers and is open to all. Neutrality and independence have the highest priority.

Which aim should be achieved with the Device Information Portal?

The most important aim is to gain credence for end users and content provider. The collected information should remain freely available for everyone. Hilscher operates as a data custodian.

Do unexpected costs arise?

For end users downloading of data remains permanently free of charge. Also after 2017.

Do you generate user profiles or statistics?

There will be no lead generation. As a content provider, you will gain insight into anonymized, statistical data regarding your products. You can understand which of your products is most frequently requested.

How should files be made available?

The process of data acquisition for the overall system is automated by the web crawler component, which is capable of automatically evaluating device description files and feeding the resulting information into the database. Alternatively, the content provider uploads information to the Device Information Portal on his own.

What can be provided in addition to device description files?

End users require manuals, data sheets and brief instructions very often. For complex products even videos or whitepapers may be relevant. All this information can be provided by the Portal.

How can you make sure that device description files are always up to date?

The Device Information Portal displays the version and upload date of the device description files. There are regular queries on the content provider’s websites and Hilscher already plans a real-time update.

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